Inamori Kazuo: Tips for the success of entrepreneurial entrepreneurship

Inamori Kazuo started from scratch, and founded Kyocera and KDDI, two Fortune 500 companies in 40 years. In February 2010, he retired for 13 years. 78-year-old Inamori Kazuo made a comeback and became the chairman of JAL in bankruptcy reconstruction. Only ten In the month, the loss was greatly reduced, creating unprecedented profits in the history of JAL.

Mr. Inamori Kazuo started his business at the age of 27, and by creating the world's top 500 companies, Inamori Kazuo insisted on six principles of excellence in his life. In his opinion, whether it is enterprise development or business life, as long as it adheres to six advances, our Life will surely become better.

First, pay as much as anyone's efforts
Everyone is doing their best for the development of the company. Operators also live up to expectations, work hard, and trust their work partners. I don't want to be self-interested, but I want to develop the company into an excellent company that makes employees proud of our work. This is the way I have always been operating. Inamori Kazuo said: As a person, what is right? Stick to the right things that people should do in the right way. The meaning of this sentence is that being born as a person, what we should do is to determine what we should do, then find the right way and stick to it.

Any one of us knows that there is no valuable thing in the world that can be obtained without hard work. Those who do not deplore their own sweat will surely have a rich harvest. The success of a successful person is that he always pays more than others and takes more steps than others. People who want to succeed in business in life, what you need to understand is that if you want to succeed in business, you have to pay a little more than others.

Success depends on one's enthusiasm and belief. The person who does not succeed in doing things is because of the lack of enthusiasm and persistent belief. They always find a proper excuse for themselves, and after giving up their own comfort, they quickly give up. Want to do one thing, the hunting method of the hunting nation is worth learning. Once you find the footprint of the prey, you will immediately catch up with the gun. No matter how long, no matter how long the wind blows, even if you encounter a strong enemy, you must find the nest of the prey. Never catch the prey and never give up. This is their Way of survival.

Life is limited, and the only way to maintain success is to constantly strive to constantly explore, adapt, and grow in new directions, so that you will step into new heights.

To be successful, we must work tirelessly and resolutely toward the established goals. If we are unsuccessful, we will never give up. When people are forced into a desperate situation and struggle with pain, they still treat people with sincerity and can exert a tremendous power that is hard to imagine. This power will only raise the call of passion and wisdom by paying as much as anyone can.

When you pay as much as anyone else, the gods will appear!

Second, be modest, don't be proud
Mr. Inamori believes that modesty is the most important personality factor. Modesty is not only for those who are arrogant after success, but to maintain a modest attitude throughout the growth process. There is often an illusion in this world that it seems that only the so-called hardliners who use unscrupulous means to succumb to others will succeed, but this is not the case. Successful people are those who have a burning passion and fighting spirit and can be modest and restrained, and always maintain a modest and honest heart. The so-called frank heart is the modest attitude of acknowledging that there is a deficiency and thus anger.

People who have the ability, those who are impatient, and those who are self-conscious are often reluctant to listen to others' opinions. Even if they hear it, they will refute. However, those who can truly make progress are those who have a sincere heart, often listen to others' opinions, often self-reflect, and can correctly understand themselves. With such a candid mind, this person will gather the same kind of people around, and this kind of power will unite and make the cause develop in a better direction.

With the continuous development of society, more and more people hold "self-centered" values ​​and over-emphasize themselves. Between those who hold this concept, there will be conflicts between "self" and "self", and progress can be made without the cooperation of teams. Indulge in your own abilities or insignificant success, be proud and complacent, not only will not get help from the people around you, but also hinder your own growth. In order to make the team work together and work effectively in a harmonious atmosphere, we must realize that "everyone will have oneself" and always maintain a modest attitude. It sounds a bit harsh, often a good word for your own development, and an attitude of listening to others' opinions with humility is very important.

Third, we must reflect every day
After the end of the day, it is very important to review this day and conduct self-reflection. For example, is there any unpleasantness today? Is it kind to people? Is it arrogant? Is there any mean behavior? Is there any selfish words and deeds? Reviewing your own day, comparing the rules of being a person, confirming whether words and deeds are correct, such an operation is necessary. . Suppressing your own evil heart and letting the conscience occupy the ideological front, this operation process is "reflection." The so-called conscience refers to "truth", that is, the altruistic heart, pity for others, and wish others to live well. Contrary to this, "self" refers to self-interest, as long as you are good, no matter what others. The heart of greed belongs to the "self." Looking back today, I think about how many "selfs" have emerged, to suppress this "self", and to make "real self" the altruistic heart active. This process is "reflection."

In your own words and deeds, if there is something worth reflecting, even if there is only a little bit, it must be corrected. Like the first one, daily introspection can also hone the soul and enhance the personality. In order to get a good life, it is very important to hone your soul and mind through daily reflection. "Introspection every day," our souls will be purified and become more beautiful and noble. Mr. Inamori often cautions himself to improve his mind and expand his business. Life is full of light and hope. It is important to always have the idea that "I will greet a glorious life." You must never complain, be passive, or hate or swear at others. If that is the case, life will become bleak.

Fourth, I am deeply grateful
We can have the work today, and we can't do without the support of customers, suppliers, work colleagues and family members. It is impossible for us to do it alone. We should hold this modest state of mind because of the help of the people around us, and we must always be grateful to these people.

On the contrary, discontent, dissatisfaction, and complaints must make life dark and unfortunate. With a heart of gratitude, life will be beautiful. This is because, with the heart of gratitude, my heart will become beautiful, so that life will move in the direction of brilliance. Thanks to the heart, can call for happiness.

To achieve better results in life and work, people's way of thinking and mind play a decisive role. What helps people succeed is a kind of heart that can be described by words like "love, sincerity and harmony". It is something that we have in the depths of our human soul. The so-called "love" means to regard the happiness of others as their own happiness; the so-called "sincerity" is always thinking about doing something for the society and for others; the so-called "harmony" is not only for oneself, but also for all the people around you. People are happy.The idea of ​​advocating love, sincerity and harmony is the basis for guiding people to success.

Five, good deeds, think of him
People's ideas tend to be biased towards self-interest. If everyone puts the idea of ​​thinking about each other behind the scenes and puts a "private" word in the first place, then they will not get the help of the people around them, and the work will not go smoothly. In daily work, we must suppress the self-interest of "as long as we are good", and always ask ourselves whether we are right or not, whether we are mixed with selfishness, we must judge things like this.

In the inner world of each of us, there is a self-interest in the inner world of each of us, as long as it is good for ourselves, and an altruistic heart that "helps others even if you sacrifice yourself." Judging things only by self-interest, because I only care about my own personal gains and losses, so I can't get help from others. Because of the self-centeredness, the narrow vision will make a wrong judgment. On the contrary, using the altruistic heart to make judgments, because it is standing in the position of "for the happiness of others", it is possible to obtain the help of the people around, and to broaden the horizons, so that a correct judgment can be made.

If you want to do your job better, you can't think about yourself. When you make judgments, you should take care of the people around you, and you will be full of "altruism" for others. Among the human behaviors, the most beautiful and most valuable is the act of helping others. Although people tend to think about their own things first, in fact, in everyone's mind, there is the idea of ​​"helping others to be happy in life."

There has been such a thing. In a severe winter, a plane crash occurred in the United States. At the moment when he was about to be rescued, a man left this opportunity to the woman who was exhausted by his side, but he sank into the water. The nature of mankind was originally so beautiful.

We have done our best for our partners and formed a kind of tacit understanding with each other. We have worked hard for each other, which has built a strong group.

Sixth, don't have emotional troubles
The key to achieving a career is more passion, passion and perseverance than talent and ability. To be like a turtle, once you bite it, you will never let go. When it is thought that it is no longer possible, it is the real beginning of work.

To achieve a new career, first of all, to have the dream and hope of "expecting this", and to set goals very optimistically, this is more important than anything else. At the stage of planning, we must pessimistically examine the goals and ideas with the strong will of "can be successful anyway", envisage all possible problems, and carefully consider countermeasures. In the implementation stage, we should hold the confidence that we can "successfully succeed" and be active and optimistic and unwavering.

We tend to think about things too complicated, but in order to grasp the essence of things, it is necessary to simplify complex phenomena. The more you simplify the phenomenon, the closer you can get to the true face of things, that is, the closer to the truth. Try to simplify complex phenomena, which are very important.

The operation is very simple, and its essence lies in how to expand sales and reduce expenses. And the profit is the difference between them, but it only appears as a result. Therefore, as long as we continue to think about how to make sales bigger, the budget is smaller.
Therefore, we should not stick to some common sense or fixed concepts. In order to maximize sales and minimize funding, the key is to continue to innovate and make perseverance and perseverance.

If you have strong enthusiasm and passion, then whether you are asleep or awake, you will think hard all day long from morning till night. In this way, the desire will permeate into the subconscious, and unconsciously move toward the realization of this desire, and make us succeed.

"Wish" also affects our lives, and it is easier to achieve if we have the strong will to penetrate into the subconscious. If this "willingness" can be made more beautiful and pure, then more power will be generated to enable the will.

No matter what difficulties or hardships you encounter, you must also burn the high morale of "do not admit defeat, must win."

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