Beginner SEO must master the basics

SEO is divided into site SEO and site promotion of two kinds.Site main responsibility: article editing, site link jump optimization.Off-site: mainly responsible for the exchange of external links and links.How to optimize a website: now collecting entrepreneurship is not a new wonder, more entrepreneurs choose to operate website optimization ranking to improve exposure, to promote their products.SEO technology is a mental effort that requires patience and attention.In general, SEO optimization has twelve main recommendations:

1.Avoid website page error, part of the link can not open is dead link, dead link should be set 404 error page, we can query the dead link through the webmaster tool, find out the dead link one by one to delete.

2.The website related articles must be around a theme, text keywords can be added to the link code, can be internal links, keyword links, anchor text can improve keyword ranking.

3.The site map is indispensable, the map can make it easier for search engines to find the site's deep content, otherwise the crawler did not find the site's next level of directory content, nature is not included.

4.Domain name is very important, had better not use 2 class domain name, domain name suffix had better be popularity domain name, domain name weight also can affect a website to rank.

5.It is difficult for a new website to have a good ranking or even no ranking in search engines within the first few months after its launch. At this time, search engines do not trust you.

6.learn to use 301 redirect, the domain name with WWW some do not take, the site included, both will be included, resulting in the site decentralization, at this time you need to take the WWW domain name with 301 jump to the site with WWW, or with WWW domain name jump to the domain name without WWW.

7.Article quality is very important, does not require the original, at least to pseudo original, so the crawler would like, a little more, the article typesetting to clean and tidy, don't appear repeatedly between paragraphs Spaces or special characters, so the crawler will think not artificially editor, is collected directly or copy, it will be difficult to include!

8.External links are important. External links are the most important factor in determining the pr weight of your website.

9.Do not exchange links with spam sites, birds of a feather flock together, and spam sites or sites that have been punished by search engines get together, will let search engines also put your site and them into a class, especially do not share IP with their sites, conditional use of independent IP.

10.keyword density should not be too much, sedulous setting is too much also can incur disgusting!

11.The URL of the website should be kept concise, preferably a short word, and the directory level should not exceed three levels.

12.content is king. Adding more original content is a prerequisite for getting the best ranking.

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